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We provide the simplified accounting services (flat-rate, Revenue and Expense Ledger, VAT for Farmers) and full

Flat-rate tax on registered income

  • Maintaining tax records obligatory for the taxpayer
  • Drafting PIT-28 tax returns
  • Other as required by law

Revenue and Expense Ledger:

  • Maintaining the Revenue and Expense Ledger and the necessary associated records
  • Determining the due tax advances
  • Drafting PIT-36 and PIT-36L tax returns

Books of Accounts

  • Drafting the Chart of Accounts, developing the accounting policy principles in line with the provisions of the Accounting Act
  • Maintaining the Books of Accounts, general and itemized ledger accounts
  • Determining the due PIT and CIT tax advances
  • Drafting PIT-36, PIT-36L and CIT 8 tax returns
  • Drafting financial reports
  • Drafting reports for the Statistical Office

ZUS [Social Security Institution]

  • Drafting employer’s and employee’s ZUS statements (registration and settlement)
  • Sending the statements by electronic means

HR and Payroll

  • Drafting the payroll
  • Drafting tax returns with respect to the employees’ salaries
  • Maintaining the personal files.
  • Accounting for the mandate and order contracts
  • OHS training for employees
  • Other actions required by the labour regulations

Assistance in establishing companies and selection of the method of taxation.

GUS [Central Statistical Office], PFRON [State Fund of Rehabilitation of Handicapped People], KRS [National Court Register] reports, and other as requested by the Client.

Documents may be collected from the Client’s premises.

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